Hair Growth Expert 



Dates: 06/03 - 06/04

Total Duration: 18h

Saturday | Sunday 

8:00am - 5:00pm

Our Hair Growth Expert course is a 2-day course that provides an in-depth training and education on various types of treatable and untreatable hair loss, so you can become a hair growth expert! Learn to identify the causes of hair loss and recommend the appropiate course of action during your patient consultations. After completion, the hair loss practitioner will receive their official  certificate. This educational class can be an additional source of revenue for all cosmetologists, since many with hair loss issues are not sure who to turn to! Topics to be covered:


What is Trichology?

Various Types/Causes of Hair Loss                                      Identifying Hair Loss Causes

Techniques to Help Resolve Hair Loss

Proper Treatment for Hair Loss Issues

How to Manage your Consultation

How to Use a Capillascope

How to Perform Check-ups

and more!

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